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This is an official access point to the internet restroom: enter by click.

The internet restroom is a space without bodies, surveillance and purpose. If you need a place to rest in digital spheres, you can occupy a cabin and be all by yourself.

What can I do on the internet restroom?

Whatever you like. You can walk around using W, A, S, D and your mouse. Increase/Decrease quality settings with O.
By clicking on red objects such as light switches, door handles, water basins and dryers you can make changes in the space other users online will see simultaneously. Maybe you will find ways to communicate.
If you prefer to be alone you can enter one toilet's cabin and close the door by clicking on the toilet lid. It's your space alone until you refresh the browser or leave the internet restroom.

Why does the internet restroom exist?

The design of restrooms is usually restrictive: Binary gender norms apply, questions of accessibility arise. We wondered what would happen if we'd strip off all these norms and create a restroom on the internet.

However, restrooms have always been places of refuge, such as meeting places. We can imagine them as spaces of exchange, collaboration, free of security cameras. This makes restrooms radical spaces suitable for artistic experimentation.

How can the internet restroom be spread?

You can tweet about the internet restroom using the hashtag #internetRestroom and if you like @thetopicbird.
If you have a website or subpage you'd like to transform into an access point to the internet restroom, please contact us: janitor@internet-restroom.net

Is there more information?

Yes! Another access point is internet-restroom.net.
Our website is thetopicbird.com.

The human entities responsible for this content are @jaspermeiners and @isipaehr. Thanks to Leonard Bahro for creating all sounds.

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